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The Board of Education of St. Mary’s County (the Board) encourages independent research and the utilization of existing current research in the development and revision of programs and/or courses.

Anyone wishing to conduct research in the St. Mary’s County Public Schools shall complete the Independent Research Request Form and submit the completed form to the Chief Strategic Officer for approval. The approval of the principal and the appropriate director will be required before the form is submitted.

The individual must agree to share the results of the research with appropriate professionals in the school system.

Procedures for independent research requests.

  1. Anyone wishing to conduct research in St. Mary’s County Public Schools should request in writing the Independent Research Request Form from the Chief Strategic Officer.
  2. The Independent Research Request Form  (The Independent Research Request Form PDF | The Independent Research Request Form Online Form) should be completed, including researcher information, objectives of the study, data collection methods, population to be studied, dissemination of data, and any additional information.
  3. The completed form should be submitted to the school principal and appropriate director for approval.
  4. Once the form is approved by the principal and appropriate director, it should be submitted to the Chief Strategic Officer for consideration.
  5. Factors considered for approval of a proposed research are as follows:
    • Technical soundness of the proposed design
    • Appropriateness of the research topic for a public school setting
    • Appropriateness of the instruments and procedures being used
    • Adherence to the American Psychological Association’s guidelines for research related tohuman participants
    • Appropriateness of all consent forms to be signed
    • Availability of research site(s)
    • Amount of interruption required in the educational program
    • Kinds of personal information to be secured from the subjects themselves
    • Type and number of data gathering procedures or instruments to be used
    • Need for the school(s) to safeguard the personal and legal rights of students, parent(s)/guardian(s), and staff
    • Assurance to strictly adhere to the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and  Privacy Act.
  6. The final decision will be made by the Chief Strategic Officer.
  7. Results of the research must be shared with the appropriate professionals in the school system, including the principal, director, and Chief Strategic Officer.