Assistance & Contacts

NameExtensionAreas of Responsibility
Dr. Jeffrey A. Maher 32133 Chief Strategic Officer
Master Plan and School Improvement, School System Partnerships, System-wide Initiatives, Communications, Educational Research requests, Staff Evaluation Systems
Beverly Dahlstrom 32133 Administrative Support, Replacement Diplomas, Press Releases
Barrett Brooks 32102 Webmaster, Google sites, training and support for websites & social media, Graduations / Streaming, Graphic Design, Print Production
Tammy Burr 32257 Coordinator of Special Programs
21st Century Community Learning Centers, After School Programs
Adrianne Dillahunt 32131  Coordinator of Equity Assurance  Training and Support for Initiatives & Programs related to ensuring Educational Equity, Diversity, and Culturally Responsive Practices
Wade Thompson 32258 Program Assistant, FLOW Mentoring
Jason Pridgen 46121 Custom Applications, SQL Database Management / Maintenance, Linux Server Management / Maintenance, Firewall Management / Maintenance, Graduations / Streaming
Mary Anne Williams 28136 Video production, scheduling, and maintenance for Educational Channel 96, Website Assistance, Photography and videography, Graduations / Streaming