Assistance & Contacts

NameExtensionAreas of Responsibility
Dr. Jeffrey A. Maher 32133 Chief Strategic Officer
Master Plan and School Improvement, School System Partnerships, System-wide Initiatives, Communications, Educational Research requests, Staff Evaluation Systems
Beverly Dahlstrom 32133 Administrative Support, Replacement Diplomas, Press Releases
Barrett Brooks 28124 Webmaster, Google sites, training and support for websites & social media, Graduations / Streaming, Graphic Design, Print Production
Heather Husk 32102 Instructional Resource Teacher for Induction and Mentoring
Jason Pridgen 46121 Custom Applications, SQL Database Management / Maintenance, Linux Server Management / Maintenance, Firewall Management / Maintenance, Graduations / Streaming
Mary Anne Williams 28136 Video production, scheduling, and maintenance for Educational Channel 96, Website Assistance, Photography and videography, Graduations / Streaming