Employees of the Year

St. Mary's County Public Schools recognizes and celebrates the great work done by staff each and every day. Each year, we recognize several employees that have been recognized for their service and dedication to St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

2020 has been a challenging year. One of those challenges has been attending school virtually. We would like to highlight the efforts of our educators. Have you seen or experienced some excellent online instruction? Teachers and staff who have gone the extra mile to make online content engaging? Let us know!

2020-2021 Award Recognitions are now open! Nominations are now being accepted until Jan 8, 2021, for:

  • Education Support Professional of the Year (ESPY) Nominees include non-certificated staff in support professional positions, including secretaries, paraeducators, building service workers, dedicated substitutes, food service, safety assistants, and many more! The SMCPS Education Support Professional Professional of the Year will be selected from all staff nominated in this category.
  • Outstanding Educator Nominees include certificated staff in roles such as classroom teachers, media specialists, counselors, and more! The Maryland Teacher of the Year and Washington Post Teacher of the Year will be selected from teachers nominated in this category.
  • Leader of Excellence Nominees include: administrative and supervisory staff in such roles as supervisor, principal, assistant principal, and more! The Washington Post Principal of the Year will be selected from principals nominated in this category.

For the 2019-2020 School Year, these outstanding employees have been recognized for their service and dedication to St. Mary’s County Public Schools.

  • Mr. Charles Herbert, Building Service Manager, Leonardtown Middle School, Educational Support Professional of the Year
  • Ms. Deaneth Brown-Taylor, English/Language Arts Teacher, Spring Ridge Middle School, St. Mary’s County Public Schools Nominee for Maryland Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Alma Shearin, Instructional Resource Teacher, Lexington Park Elementary School, St. Mary’s County Public Schools Nominee for the Washington Post Teacher of the Year
  • Dr. Jake Heibel, Principal, Great Mills High School, St. Mary’s County Public Schools Nominee for Washington Post Principal of the Year
  • Mr. Kevin Wright, Supervisor of Social Studies, Leader of Excellence

School and Department Nominees for the 2019-2020 School Year were:

Education Support Professionals | Outstanding Educators | Leaders of Excellence

Education Support Professionals

*Finalists designated with an asterisk


  • Benjamin Banneker Elementary School: Noreen Gascon*
  • Captain Walter Francis Duke Elementary School: Stephanie Magill
  • Chesapeake Public Charter School: Jan Boyce
  • Dynard Elementary School: Donny Frederick
  • Evergreen Elementary School: Hannah Pratz*
  • George Washington Carver Elementary School: Melanie Gibson
  • Green Holly Elementary School: Barbara Baker*
  • Greenview Knolls Elementary School: Joseph Gordon
  • Hollywood Elementary School:  Carol Bulvin
  • Leonardtown Elementary School: Shawna White
  • Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School: Bradley Sullivan*
  • Lexington Park Elementary School: Willis Brooks
  • Mechanicsville Elementary: Adriana Burch 
  • Oakville Elemeentary: Susan Tinsley*
  • Piney Point Elementary School: Jessica Sievers
  • Ridge Elementary School: Jennifer Knight
  • Town Creek Elementary School:Erin Horner
  • White Marsh Elementary School: Erin Miller


  • Esperanza Middle School: Daryl Morris
  • Leonardtown Middle School: Charles Herbert*
  • Margaret Brent Middle School: Patricia Schwartz
  • Spring Ridge Middle School: Keith Wilson*
  • Chopticon High School: Brad Combs
  • Great Mills High School: Beverly Schwartzenberg
  • Leonardtown High School: Dwayne Hancock
  • Fairlead Academy I: Dannette Martin
  • Fairlead Academy II: Dionna Lioselle
  • Dr. J A Forrest Career and Technology Center: Rebecca Badovski


  • Division of Supporting Services: Nikki Dalrymple*
  • Moakley/Central Adm: Jean Adams

Outstanding Educators


  • Benjamin Banneker Elementary School: Lisa Wilkinson
  • Captain Walter Francis Duke Elementary School: Lauren Zoutman
  • Chesapeake Public Charter School: Jennifer Campbell
  • Dynard Elementary School: Emma Copsey*
  • Evergreen Elementary School: Tina Owen
  • George Washington Carver Elementary School: Kathleen Clausius
  • Green Holly Elementary School: Krista Shriver
  • Greenview Knolls Elementary School: Virginia Simpson
  • Hollywood Elementary School: Bonnie Alanis*
  • Leonardtown Elementary School: Jody Fagnano
  • Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary School: April Wathen
  • Lexington Park Elementary School: Alma Shearin*
  • Mechanicsville Elementary School: Allison Kerr
  • Oakville Elementary School: Nikki Lloyd*
  • Park Hall Elementary School: Angela Scrom
  • Piney Point Elementary School: Pamela Lee
  • Ridge Elementary School: Stacey Fisher 
  • Town Creek Elementary School: Susan Maier
  • White Marsh Elementary School: Dawn Eagan


  • Esperanza Middle School: Nancy Kroll
  • Leonardtown Middle School: Ann-Marie Moses
  • Margaret Brent Middle School: Richard Guthrie*
  • Spring Ridge Middle School: Deaneth Brown-Taylor*
  • Chopticon High School: Jennifer Harper
  • Great Mills High School: Christine Halloran
  • Leonardtown High School: Zachary Adams*
  • Fairlead Academy: Bridget Maddox
  • Fairlead Academy II: Catherine Holden
  • Dr. J A Forrest Career and Technology Center: Mary Thompson
  • Multiple Sites: Nilsa Montero*

Leader of Excellence:

  • Leonardtown Middle School: Donald Hollaway
  • Great Mills High School: Dr. Jake Heibel
  • Department of Curriculum and Instruction: Kevin Wright
  • Department of Human Resources: Dr. Dale Farrell