Program Information 

St. Mary's County Public Schools Head Start provides a comprehensive child and family development program for low income children ages three to five and their families.

Our program is center-based and the students receive their educational instruction at one of three schools.  Our Family Service Providers work with families and conduct home visits to set family goals and provide support in variety of ways.  The Education staff works with families to set education goals designed to support the parent/guardian role as the primary educator of their children.

During the year, we hold many Parent involvement activities and work with the Policy Council to ensure compliance with Federal Requirements.


What to do when:


Your child is absent or tardy:

Please call or email the Head Start Nurse if your child is going to be tardy or absent. 

You can also report an absence on our website using the "Report an Absence" button on our main page.

We are required to contact you when your child is absent for three or more consecutive days.

If you have extenuating circumstances, please contact your Family Service Provider or the Head Start Nurse to discuss a solution and ensure your child makes it to school. 



Inclement Weather & Early Dismissals: 

On days when the school has a delayed opening, Head Start follows this schedule: 

AM 3-year-olds: Do not attend school 

PM 3-year-olds: attend per SMCPS delayed arrival schedule 

Full Day 3s & 4s: attend according to SMCPS delayed arrival schedule 

Early dismissal days: Head Start students do not attend school on regular early dismissal days. In the case of early dismissal for inclement weather, you will be contacted to be kept updated on the procedure. 


No Student Attendance Days for 2019-2020 School Year:

June 12, 2020: Last Day of School for Head Start students!