Assistance & Contacts

NameExtension Areas of Responsibility
Kelly Murray Hall  32136 Chief of Equity, Engagement, and Early Access
Martina Green  32136 Office Manager 
Sara Renn  32193 Title I Fiscal Secretary 
Charlottis Woodley  32243 Title I Student, Family, and Staff Engagement Supervisor 
Adrianne Dillahunt 32131 Education Equity Assurance Coordinator
Wauchilue Adams 32242 Title I Equity Analyst
Mary Moreland   Title I Literacy Lead 
Kara Day   Early Childhood Teacher Liaison
Patricia Trehern  301-475-0260 x33133 Striving Readers Early Childhood (Birth-Grade 2) Literacy Coach
Wendy Binkley 301-863-4064 x21190 Judy Center Specialist
Kerrie Hortch 301-863-4076 x44190 Judy Center Family Support Specialist
Freneta Carson 301-863-4064 x21190 Judy Center Program Assistant
Anne Kirchner 301-863-4076 x44191 Judy Center Early Childhood Liaison
Andi Owens 301-475-4256 x34193 Head Start Coordinator
Jessica Woodburn 301-475-4256 x34193 Head Start Secretary
Cynthia Kilcoyne 32218 Coordinating Supervisor Birth to Five Programs