Baby Talk Parent Handbook

St. Mary’s County Schools has three Baby Talk Child Care Centers, which are located at each of the high schools.  Baby Talk provides our teenage parents the opportunity to continue their education. Any teen parent enrolled in SMCPS, requesting their child be admitted into the center will be recognized as a First Priority.  There are absolutely no guarantees of admissions for the children of staff. This center places a heavy burden on staff parents since a student’s infant could replace your child at any time. If a staff member's child is admitted, there are no guarantees associated with the duration of care and care will end on the second birthday.

Teen parents are our first priority.  We offer assistance to achieve academic success and graduate from high school.  We strive to help prepare them for college or career in order to best care for their child.  We provide high quality, affordable care, with tuition reduction incentives. Teen parents pay a monthly tuition.  Staff parents pay a weekly tuition.

Baby Talk staff are dedicated to providing the best possible care and guidance for the infants and toddlers in our program.  All children are welcome regardless of their ability, needs, background, culture, religion, gender or economic circumstances.  We embrace the belief that every child is entitled to the best education possible in the least restrictive environment.

We work closely with family members to provide the best care for children in a manner that respects each family’s unique needs and beliefs.  Our curriculum, activities, books, materials, and environment will reflect the diversity of all children, families, and community. Baby Talk has an open door policy and encourages parents to be involved with their children.  Parent involvement is key to a child’s development.

Additional information can be obtained from the Parent Handbook and Contract Agreement.  Please contact a center director for more information.