Assistance & Contacts

NameExtension Areas of Responsibility

Cheryl A. Long

  32198 Director of Student Services

Christina M. Dowgiallo


Administrative Secretary to Director

Kate M. Weaver


Supervisor of Student Services: School Psychologists; Pupil Personnel Workers; Home Instruction; Pupil Personnel Worker for Hollywood Elementary and Leonardtown  Elementary

Rhonda L. Hunt    32199 Supervisor of School Counseling: Pupil Services Teams; 504 Plans; Title IX; Dual Enrollment; Advanced Placement Waivers
Catie A. Bonner    32205  Supervisor of Health Services
Robin M. Schrader    32240 Mental Health Coordinator
Carol M. Arthur    32156 School Psychologist for Spring Ridge Middle
Stephanie A. Barnes    32200 School Psychologist for Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary, Mechanicsville Elementary,  and White Marsh Elementary 
Ashley L. Beisel    32203 School Psychologist for Leonardtown High; Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) District Leader
Amelia B. Blackwood    32204 School Psychologist for Piney Point Elementary, Ridge Elementary, Fairlead Academy I, Fairlead Academy II
Caroline L. Brunger    32224 School Psychologist for Evergreen Elementary and Chesapeake Public Charter
Carol A. Cole    32149 Secretary for Home Instruction; Student Discipline Hearings
Mendy G. Companion    32150 Secretary for Health Services
Elizabeth H. Foote    32241 Pupil Personnel Worker for Esperanza Middle School, Fairlead Academy I, Fairlead Academy II, Dr. James A. Forrest Career & Technology Center; Interagency and Court Liaison
Jeffrey M. Fulton    32154 School Psychologist for George Washington Carver Elementary and Great Mills High
Annie C. Gast    32159 Pupil Personnel Worker for Benjamin Banneker Elementary, George Washington Carver Elementary, and Leonardtown High; Services for Homeless Students (McKinney-Vento)
Amanda C. Gibson    32162 School Psychologist for Dynard Elementary and Leonardtown Elementary

Chris H. Grace


School Psychologist for Greenview Knolls Elementary; Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS)/Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) District Leader

Amanda K. Hartwig    32157 School Psychologist for Green Holly Elementary, Leonardtown Middle, and Infants & Toddlers/Child Find (South)
Brenda L. Hecker    32151 Secretary for Student Transfer Requests; Home/Hospital Teaching; Sign Language Interpreters for Parents; Shoe Fund
Dr. Christine M. Hurley    32154 School Psychologist for Great Mills High
Teresa I. James    32126

School Psychologist for Captain Walter Francis Duke Elementary and Hollywood  Elementary

Amalia P. Katsouros    32202 School Psychologist for Benjamin Banneker Elementary, Town Creek Elementary, and Infants & Toddlers/Child Find (North)
Dr. Lisa A. Longworth    32158 School Psychologist for Park Hall Elementary,
and Margaret Brent Middle
Kimberly V. McEligot    32255 Pupil Personnel Worker for Green Holly Elementary, Lettie Marshall Dent Elementary, Piney Point Elementary, and Chopticon High
Anastasia N. Newberry    32162 Pupil Personnel Worker for Park Hall Elementary and Great Mills High
Melissa R. Seigman    32155 Pupil Personnel Worker for Evergreen Elementary and Leonardtown Middle; Home/Hospital Teaching; Alternative Education Program
Shepard W. Stephenson    32160 School Psychologist for Lexington Park Elementary and Chopticon High
Jamie W. Walker    32201 Pupil Personnel Worker for Captain Walter Francis Duke Elementary, Dynard Elementary, Greenview Knolls Elementary and 
 Margaret Brent Middle
Annette M. Wood    32146 Pupil Personnel Worker for Lexington Park Elementary and Spring Ridge Middle; Shoe Fund
Alissa B. Xavier    32137

School Psychologist for Oakville Elementary and Esperanza Middle

Tammy Burr 32257 Coordinator of Special Programs
21st Century Community Learning Centers, After School Programs