LAP is designed for students who are experiencing behavior and emotional problems and who have demonstrated the need for a more structured educational setting to be academically successful. Learning Adjustment Program classes are staffed by a special education teacher and paraeducators(s). A LAP counselor/guidance counselor provides services to students based upon recommendations of the IEP team.

A consistent behavior management system is employed in LAP classroom. The system is a point and level system. Each student is responsible for carrying and maintaining a daily point sheet. This point sheet determines their privileges and consequences. Group and/or individual counseling is offered as well as social skills training, to address issues relating to students functioning in school.

Students are placed in LAP through the County Individualized Education Program (CIEP) committee process. In order for a student to be considered for the Learning Adjustment Program, the school team must complete the Special Education Case Review (SECR) process. This process will guide the team through a comprehensive look at the student’s educational program. The process will be facilitated through the special education supervisor assigned to the Learning Adjustment Program.

For more information about our program or the referral process, please contact:

Sherry O'Dell
Supervisor of Special Education
Phone: (301) 475-5511 ext.32206