The SAIL (Supporting Academics and Independent Living) Program is designed to provide special education services to students who have been identified as being in need of an alternative, adapted, and functional curriculum. These students have documented significant cognitive delays. SAIL classes are located in each high school and middle school and in regional elementary schools (Benjamin Banneker Elementary and Green Holly Elementary).

Learning experiences focus on developing skills necessary to gather information, make choices, carry out decisions, work with others and problem-solve. While individual student needs vary, the SAIL Program addresses academic and functional skills that are extensions of the Maryland State Curriculum.

Students in the SAIL Program are assessed through the Alternative Maryland School Assessment (Alt-MSA). This portfolio assessment assesses a student’s attainment of Reading, Mathematics and Science Mastery Objectives. ALT-MSA allows students with disabilities who cannot participate in the MSA, even with accommodations and modifications, to participate in Maryland’s state assessment program and school accountability program as required by the federal No Child Left Behind Act and Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

Services to individual students are delivered according to the needs of each student’s IEP. Direct classroom instruction is provided by a special education teacher and one or more para-educators assigned to each classroom. Students may be included in the general education environment and receive instruction by general education teachers, as appropriate and determined by the IEP. Related services are provided by therapists assigned to individual schools. Students in the SAIL Program have the opportunity to generalize their skills to authentic, community-based settings and experiences.

Students between the ages of 18 and 21, and who are anticipated to be competitively employed with minimal supports after graduation, may apply for placement in the Gateway to Independence Program based at the College of Southern Maryland. Refer to the Gateway to Independence Program description for complete details.

For further information regarding the SAIL Program, please contact:

Angela Fulp, Supervisor of Special Education
(301) 475-5511 x32206