Assistance & Contacts

Name and TitleExtensionPosition, Area of Specialization, and/or Responsibilities

Scott Szczerbiak,
Director of Special Education

32206 Director of Special Education

Carrie Smith,
Supervisor of Special Education

32206 Medical Assistance, On-Line IEP, State Assessments,
Non-Public, Special Transportation
Sherry O'Dell,
Supervisor of Special Education

Gateway/Summer Youth Employment, LAP,
Individualized Products and Services

Cynthia Kilcoyne.
Coordinating Supervisor Birth to Five Program
32206 Head Start, Infants and Toddlers, Pre-School Special Education,
Child Find, Pre-K 3 and 4, SLPs/OT/PT
Nicole Ayres,
Supervisor of Special Education
32206 Adapted PE (APE), Extended School Year, 
Parent Surrogate, Vision Services
Angela Fulp,
Supervisor of Special Education

Assistive Technology, SAIL, Deaf/Hard of Hearing,
COMPASS, Autism Waiver

Rocco Aiello,
Coordinator of Adaptive PE

32206 Adapted Physical Education and Corollary Sports

Debbie Crosby,
Coordinator of Infants and Toddlers


Infants and Toddlers, Child Find

Anna Burke,

32206 Audiology

Claire Runkles,
Assistive Technology IRT

32206 Assistive Technology

Jennifer Haley-Walker

Transition Specialist

32206 Transition 

Lisa Dean,
Board Certified Behavior Analyst

32206 Behavioral Support

Sarah Cofelice,

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

32206 Behavior Support
Robert Shanahan,
Behavior Specialist
32206 Behavioral Support
Kristin Caton,
Non-Public IRT
32206 Non-Public
Rebecca Cline,
Lead Teacher for Federal/State Compliance Monitoring
32206 Compliance Monitoring
Betty Wascavage,
32206 Gateway Program