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Field Trip Items


Field Trip Applications must completed for all school sponsored trips and submitted no less than thirty days prior to departure for day trips, no less than sixty days prior to departure for overnight trips and no less than six months prior to departure for international trips. Applications must be approved by the Director of Curriculum and Instruction and by the Director of Safety and Security before being scheduled.

Field Trip Application Form


All field trips requiring school bus transportation must be entered into the TripTracker field trip software at least 15 days prior to the trip date.

St. Mary’s County Public Schools offers Trip Tracker, a searchable online database of field trips for each school.


1.) If you need more than one bus for a trip, you must CLONE the trip for every bus you need.For example, if you are taking three buses to the National Zoo on May 3rd, then you will need to enter the first trip and then clone it two more times, so that three identical trips show for that day. Do not use the vehicles field to designate the number of buses you need.

Instructions showing the need to input quantity for vehicles needed

2.) The standard bus carries 48 passengers at two to a seat. If you are not sure how many buses you need please contact us.

3.) If you have already made arrangements with a specific driver, please make sure to indicate that in the “notes” section, along with any other pertinent information.

Trip Tracker Login:

Elocator trip tracker, log in using your school's credentials.

(Note, the URL has been updated as of July 13, 2022)