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Supporting Services

The Division of Supporting Services is committed to promoting achievement and opportunity through a coordinated effort to provide the highest quality learning environment.

The Division of Supporting Services encompasses responsibilities of eight departments including the departments of Capital Planning, Design and Construction, Food and Nutrition Services, Information Technology Services, Maintenance, Operations, Transportation, and Facility Coordination/Physical Education/Athletics. Each department is critical to the daily operation of our schools, from the nutritional value of our school lunch program to our transportation to and from school and other related activities; to our long-term capital program, as outlined in our Educational Facilities Master Plan; to the day-to-day efforts of our Operations and Maintenance staff in order to provide the highest quality learning environment. The division is responsible for more than 2.5 million square feet of facilities and approximately 800 acres of property.

Through our capital improvements program, the school system has obtained more than $180 million in school construction from both the state and local governments over the last ten years. We are proud to play an essential role in this exceptional school system and we will continue to respond as a team to support the mission of the St. Mary's County Public Schools.

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Organizational Chart

Division of Supporting Services Organizational Chart

Contact Information

Alex Jaffurs, Ed.D
Assistant Superintendent
of Supporting Services 
27190 Point Lookout Rd.
Loveville, MD 20656
301-475-4256 option 7