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Dual Enrollment in College

Students enrolled in the dual enrollment program simultaneously take high school courses and accredited college courses from a Maryland institution of higher learning.  The program allows for high school students to receive credits for high school graduation as well as college credit.  Students accepted into this program will also benefit from receiving their tuition at half price.A student may be accepted in a dual enrollment program in a Maryland State Department of Education approved college provided that:

  • The student is in grade 11 or 12.
  • The student has demonstrated the ability to do college-level work (as evidenced by a 2.5 average in the preceding year of high school).
  • The student has completed the Application for Alternatives to Four Year Enrollment form with all the required signatures by July 15 for the upcoming academic school year.
  • The student has competed the college application process and has been accepted to a Maryland institution of higher learning.

Meet with your high school counselor to determine if the dual enrollment program is a good option for your student. 

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