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Career Counseling Program

In alignment with the Maryland Blueprint for the Future, the St. Mary’s County Public Schools Career
Counseling Program empowers students to connect their daily learning with post-graduation
planning. The Career Counseling Program fosters an understanding of the link between academics,
educational planning, and career preparation.

Delivered in partnership with Workforce Development and the College of Southern Maryland, the
Career Counseling Program provides students with practical career exploration experiences, career
development lessons, and meaningful conversations with Career Advisors. Naviance software is
used to collect data on student career values, interests, and personality traits, for individual student
career planning and decision-making. Career advisors use the RIASEC themes (Realistic,
Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional) to help align students' personality traits
with the world of work.

St. Mary’s County Public Schools values the holistic growth of our students, recognizing that
academic, career, and social /emotional development are all crucial for students’ present and future