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Teacher Apprentice

A program created from the Maryland Leads Grant, the teacher apprentice program is designed to connect degree-seeking candidates with school-based experiential learning.  A teacher apprentice will provide support and collaborative learning experiences for new, non-tenured, and/or conditionally certified teachers as well as observe and receive coaching from veteran teachers.  

Professional Development

The teacher apprentice program provides opportunities to engage in the application of skills as part of a preparation program to become a certified teacher.  


New hires participate in an orientation designed to provide an overview of our system priorities, understand the expectations of the role and the resources available to you.


Each seminar is developed to address the needs of the teacher apprentice cohort.  Feedback is shared in various ways including:

  • Bi-weekly meetings with IRT
  • Monthly Professional Development seminars
  • Schoology group discussion posts


Specific professional learning experiences are designed to address the needs of teachers based on experience and expertise:

  • Apprentice I
    • Has completed a Teacher Academy of Maryland program, graduated high school and is currently enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification from an accredited college or university 
    • Earned an associate degree and enrolled in a program leading to teacher certification.
    • Earned a minimum of 40 credits towards a program leading to teacher certification.
  • Apprentice II
    • Within 2 years of completing a degree program towards teacher certification.
  • Apprentice III
    • Has earned a bachelor's degree and currently enrolled in a program learning to teacher certification

For more information, email Dr. Jeffrey Maher at

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