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Language Line

Our school system has contracted with Language Line Services to provide over-the-phone interpretation services for St. Mary’s County Public Schools. Language Line is available for you or your designee to have immediate access to an interpreter for parent conferences and any other formal meeting. Expert interpreters will be available to provide this service.

The process for requesting an interpreter by way of telephone is very simple.  Please follow these steps:

  1. Dial 1-866-874-3972
  2. Provide this Client ID Number:  530283
  3. Organization requiring services:  St. Mary’s County Public Schools
  4. Select language needed
  5. Follow instructions given on the recording

If you should have any problems, you may contact a Customer Service Representative at 1-800-752-6096.

Directions for a 3-way conference call

Use when a parent calls your school but does not speak English.

  1. Dial 1-866-874-3972
  2. Provide this Client ID Number:  530283
  3. Ask for an interpreter for the language needed.
  4. Give the interpreter the phone number of the parents and he/she will call them.
  5. At that point, it becomes a conference call between the three of you. A conference room with a speaker phone would be the best way to do this.

If you need assistance on that day, call LL's customer service line: 1-800-752-6096.

Google Meet

This feature is currently available only for Meetings organized by G Suite users. 

How to Connect an Audio Interpreter to Google Meet:

  1. Within your Google Meet video conference, at the top right, click "People" to expand the side panel
  2. Click "Add People"
  3. Click "Call" 
  4. Select the country to add the country code
  5. Enter your dedicated LanguageLine phone number for virtual meetings: 844-915-3713
    and click "Call"
  6. Once connected to LanguageLine follow the voice prompts to select your language and connect to an interpreter 

To end the interpretation session, ask the interpreter to end the call or select the red button on the lower navigation menu and follow the prompts to end the meeting for all participants.