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Assistance and Contacts

Name  Position Area of Responsibility Extension
Jeff Maher Chief Strategic Officer System Initiatives, Strategic Planning, Blueprint Implementation 301-475-5511 EXT 32133
Beverly Dahlstrom Administrative Assistant Administrative Support to the Department, Press Releases, Social Media, Peachjar, Moakley Vehicle Reservations  301-475-5511 EXT 32133
Barrett Brooks Webmaster Websites, Web Accessibility, Graphic Design, Print Production, Project Management, Live Streaming 301-475-0242 EXT 28124
Heather Husk Instructional Resource Teacher Induction and Mentoring 301-475-5511 EXT 32102
Kim Knight Instructional Resource Teacher Professional Development 301-475-0242 EXT 28138
 Sarah Lorek Supervisor Maryland Leads grant programs 301-475-5511 EXT 32253
Mary Anne Williams Media Production Coordinator Videography, Photography, Project Management, Live Streaming    301-475-0242 EXT 28136