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Information for Parents Transferring to SMCPS

Transfer Information For Parents

Both school-based and central office-based staff members work closely with families to transition students into St. Mary's County Public Schools. The following suggestions will assist parents with the process of enrolling their child in school and planning for the implementation of the IEP.

  • Upon registration in St. Mary's County Public Schools, an IEP meeting will be scheduled within a timely manner to review the IEP.

  • School-based staff will work to promptly obtain the educational records, including the IEP and supporting documents, from the previous school system. NOTE: Full and complete school records can only be requested from another Maryland Public School after a parent completes the registration process in St. Mary's County Public Schools.

  • St. Mary's County Public Schools will review the IEP in consultation with the parents and will provide a FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education).

  • Comparable services will be provided in order to provide FAPE.

  • St. Mary's County Public Schools will develop and implement a new IEP that meets the requirements of FAPE in the least restrictive environment.

  • New assessments may be recommended by the IEP after review of the student record.