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Infants & Toddlers

The St. Mary’s County Infants and Toddlers Program is a family-centered, community-based program for children with developmental delays or disabilities from birth to age three and their families. The St. Mary’s County Infants and Toddlers Program is an interagency program that is jointly administered by The St. Mary’s County Health Department, The St. Mary’s County Public Schools, and the St. Mary’s County Department of Social Services. Services are provided according to an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), as determined appropriate by the early intervention team.

This program is designed for children birth to age three who are experiencing developmental delays that are at least 25% below their chronological age in the areas of cognitive development, physical development, speech/language, social skills and/or self-help skills. Children may also be eligible if they have a diagnosed physical or mental condition that will most likely result in a developmental delay or who are demonstrating atypical development or behavior that is likely to result in a delay even when the actual 25% delay has not been identified.

For additional information or to make a referral please call (301) 475-5511 ext. 32223. For more information and online referral, follow this link