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Physical Security

St. Mary's County Public Schools (SMCPS) believes that one of its greatest responsibilities is to provide for the safety and security of students, staff, and schools. Establishing a safe and orderly environment ensures the greatest opportunity for positive individual development and success in student learning.  Internally, the department of Safety and Security maintains a strategic management plan that is updated and revised annually with the purpose of identifying specific needs based on continuous assessment.   The current safety and security strategic plan has identified many primary focus areas and functions for the department to include:
  • Physical security requirements implemented or in development for schools:
  • Proactive prevention, preparedness, and deterrent security measures implemented or in development for schools:
  • Adequate law enforcement coverage and school security staffing requirements implemented or in development for schools:
  • Programming for students and community initiatives focused on improving health, prevention programs, and increasing awareness of school safety and security

SMCPS has engaged in continuous evaluation and assessment of the strategic plan for school safety and security.  Internal coordination and planning meetings are held on a weekly basis to develop and refine the plan. Identified needs are established and prioritized based on risks assessment and funding availability.

Planning and coordination efforts to include the continuing feedback from the school community have resulted in the identification of needs and four priority areas of focus:

  1. Completing physical security infrastructure for all schools
  2. Ensuring adequate law enforcement and school security coverage for schools
  3. Enhance mental health services for all students and families
  4. Enhancing school emergency preparedness and response capabilities

SMCPS has finalized strategic planning for physical security infrastructure over the next three years.  The focus of the enhancements to physical security infrastructure include:

  • Visitor Access Control for all schools controlled via a Security Vestibule, staffed full-time by a trained Safety and Security Assistant 
  • Electronic access control systems for all schools 
  • Security Surveillance Camera Systems for all schools
  • Campus Emergency Communication Systems for all schools