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Assistance and Contacts

Name & Position Areas of Responsibility Extension
Charles Eible
Director of Safety and Security 
Overall administration of the department. 32238
Julie Piper
Administrative Assistant
Assisting director with budget, volunteer applications and screening, programs and personnel matters. 32238
Angela Berry 
Safety and Security Supervisor of Elementary Schools and Background Investigations
Supervisor of elementary schools security personnel and investigations, coordination of criminal history background screenings and community outreach programs. 32234
Ed Shamleffer
Safety and Security Supervisor of Secondary Schools and Physical Security Infrastructure
Supervisor of secondary schools security personnel, physical security project coordination (security cameras, building access control, and infrastructure protection) school emergency planning and investigations. 32134
Jay Thomas 
Project Coordinator
Physical Security maintenance and repair (security cameras, building access control, and infrastructure protection).     32139

Edward Haislip 
IT Specialist

Administration of information technology projects supporting school safety. 32144
Andrea Young 
Safety and Security Team Leader
Criminal history background screening, fingerprinting and ID/access control badges. 32235/32237