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Safety & Security

A group of students walking down a hallway and talking

One of our greatest responsibilities is to provide for the safety and security of students, staff, and visitors. Establishing a safe and orderly environment ensures the greatest opportunity for positive individual development and success in student learning. We constantly strive to enhance our safety and security initiatives through open communication, strong community partnerships, progressive policies and procedures, and proactive action by our staff.

The Department of Safety and Security is responsible for the development and implementation of system-wide safety and security programs and initiatives that enhance the overall safety and security of all SMCPS school campuses and supporting office sites. Developing, refining and implementing a comprehensive safety and security plan is the cornerstone of the department. There are three critical pillars that serve as the foundation for the department’s safety and security plan. They are the implementation of physical security measures, ensuring the campus environment and culture embrace the importance of safety and security and a sustained community engagement.

If you see something say something

If you see something on social media:

  • Take a screen-shot and show it to an adult
  • Tell a teacher, tell an administrator; tell a school resource officer
  • Report it through our website
  • Do not like, share, or re-post

Don't contribute to the rumors