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End of Year Disposal Guidelines


As we conclude the year, many consumable items of instruction are discarded and/or disposed of at school sites and offices. In an effort to dispose of these items in the most fiscally responsible and environmentally conscious manner, the following protocol has been established. Please review this protocol with your teachers and staff prior to late May of the current school year, so that all are aware before they begin their end-of-year closeout.


  • Only confidential items containing student or employee records are to be identified for shredding.
  • Place only these items in the designated shredding containers at each school or office site.


  • All paper not containing confidential student or employee information can be recycled.


  • Any items not found on the attached flyer should be put into trash receptacles.
  • This includes wood, rubber, food waste, plastic bags, plastic wrap, and Styrofoam.

Media Materials Disposal

  • Media book removal from schools will only occur this year during the month of July.
  • All reference books approved for disposal should be boxed up (encyclopedias over 10 years old should NOT be in Media Centers). Submit a work order to the Department of Maintenance to have the materials picked up and delivered to the Department of Operations for donation in July.
  • Children's books that are in poor, unusable condition should be placed in the recycling receptacles outside your school. Books that are still usable but are not being read can be offered to students to take home at the end of the school year. Any leftover books should be recycled.
  • CDs/DVDs that are to be discarded should be broken or cut the CD/DVD, and then placed in a recycling receptacle. Remember to remove all SMCPS or School Name identification from all materials before disposal.

Textbook Disposal

  • Textbook removal from schools will only occur this year during the Follett/Destiny Textbook Inventory process.

Please see your building administrator for details as needed. Please contact Lisa Bachner at 301-475-5511, ext. 32249 if you have any questions regarding textbooks and their labeling and disposal. Ashley Varner can be reached at 301-475-4256, ext. 34131 for any questions or issues regarding shredding, recycling, or refuse. Thank you in advance for your attention to this important protocol.

Contact Information

Ashley Varner
Director of Operations
27190 Point Lookout Rd.
Loveville, MD 20656
301-475-4256 Option 4