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Right to Know


Division of Supporting Services - 01/20/2016


The “Access to Information About Hazardous and Toxic Substances Act,” the Employee Right to Know Law, gives employees a way to learn about chemical hazards in the workplace and how to work safely with these materials.  (Article 89, Annotated Code of Maryland, §§ 32A – 32H).  This law requires employers to inventory and list all hazardous and toxic substances used in the workplace and to collect Material Safety Data Sheets for these substances.  Employers must also label or otherwise identify hazardous chemicals.  Employees must know how to get information about the hazardous substances in their workplace and be trained in the safe use of these materials.


We have compiled with the Right to Know Law by compiling a chemical information list and Material Safety Data Sheets, checking that containers are labeled, and by providing you with the training.

  • Chemical information list.  Our chemical information list contains all of the chemicals we are using at this workplace.  A copy of the list is available at each site administration office in the MSDS Right to Know binder.  Lists of chemicals used by other employee’s at this workplace are also available to you.  Check with your administrator’s office for those lists.
  • Material Safety Data Sheets.  All available material safety data sheets for chemicals we are using at this workplace are available at your work site in the MSDS Right to Know binder.  If you need to review a data sheet, please contact Mr. Jason Hayes for materials used in the instructional programs at (301) 475-4511.  Contact Mr. Steven Whidden, Director of Maintenance for materials used within our facilities at (301) 475-4256, opt. 1.  Contact Mr. Dave Howard, Director of Information Technology for materials used by the Department of Information Technology at (301) 769-4600.
  • Labels.  The products that we use are labeled in accordance with the Right to Know Law.  They contain an identification of any hazardous components and an appropriate hazard warning.  Some of the products we use are consumer products and may not indicate hazards, of their use.  When in doubt, see the list and Material Safety Data Sheet.
  • Training.  SMCPS provides training by providing this information bulletin and on-the-job training about the specific hazards and ways to work safely with the hazardous chemicals you use. Additionally Safeschools training is provided on the use of Material Safety Data Sheets.


 You have the right by law to:

  • See the Chemical Information List and Material Safety Data Sheets for hazardous substances in your workplace.
  • Be provided with one copy of the list of substances you use and safety data sheets or the means to make a copy at no cost within five days of the request.
  • Be trained on the hazards of the chemicals in your workplace, the appropriate equipment and methods to use to protect you from the hazards and emergency procedures.
  • Refuse to work with a hazardous chemical if you are denied access to information about that chemical.


Your Right to Know program takes teamwork.  Do your part to work with your employer and co-workers to keep your workplace safe!

  • Know where to get information about hazardous substances in your workplace
  • Learn to read and understand labels and Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Identify hazards before you start a job
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Keep your work area clean
  • Use protective clothing and equipment
  • Don’t smoke, eat or drink around hazardous substances
  • Learn and familiarize yourself with emergency procedures and manuals
  • Follow your employer’s procedures for disposal and cleanup
  • Practice safe work habits at all times

Contact Information

Dr. Joseph (JR) Beavers
Acting Director of Maintenance
27190 Point Lookout Rd.
Loveville, MD 20656
301-475-4256 Option 1