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Assistance and Contacts

Name  Position Area of Responsibility Extension
Dr. Joseph (JR) Beavers Director of Maintenance Director  34107
Joseph Wysokinski Supervisor of Maintenance Facility Work Order Requests, Planned Preventive Maintenance, and Inspection Results 34115
 Mary Ann Burroughs  Fiscal Secretary Budget, Facility Code and Regulations, Warranty, Property Damage, Payroll, Accounts Payable, Quality Control, and Project Development  34106
Kathy O'Donnell Account Clerk Payroll, Accounts Payable 34101
Courtney Lacey Facilities Compliance Analyst School Facilities Inspections and Compliance, Air Quality 34104
Jackie Schauer-Long Project Coordinator Major Projects including (but not limited to) paving, flooring, athletic surfaces, painting, generators, wells, and pumps 34160
Mike Fox Vehicle Maintenance Foreman Vehicle Maintenance, Fleet Management, Emergency Generator Repairs, Welding Requests, Equipment Repair 34111
Mark Unkle Building Trades Foreman Carpentry, Roofing, Grounds, Painting, Locks, Playground Equipment Repair, Etc. 34110
Warren Trossbach Engineering Trades Foreman HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Alarms, Building Controls 34108
Cathy Oroian Alarm Technician Fire Alarms, Burglar Alarms, Elevators, Wheelchair Lifts 34113
Ron Norris Wastewater & Building Service Operator HVAC Controls, Waste Water Compliance, Potable Water Compliance 34112
Billy Graves Refrigeration & Appliance Repair Technician Walk-in Refrigeration Repairs, Stand Alone Refrigeration Units, All other Kitchen Equipment Repairs 34189

Contact Information

Dr. Joseph (JR) Beavers
Director of Maintenance
27190 Point Lookout Rd.
Loveville, MD 20656
301-475-4256 Option 1