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Exit Procedure

ALL employees exiting employment with St. Mary's County Public Schools are asked to complete the information on the links below.


In accordance with the Ethics Policy and the Ethics Regulations, all St. Mary’s County Public Schools Employees must complete the applicable Ethics Financial Disclosure Statements within 60 days of leaving a position with St. Mary’s County Public Schools. Please complete and submit the online ethics forms B & C  as soon as possible.

Please complete our online employee exit survey below. This information is requested to help the Department of Human Resources identify reasons why employees choose to leave St. Mary’s County Public Schools, and to provide important feedback to the administration on ways to strengthen and improve our workplace.

RESIGNING employees who wish to withdraw contributions made to the Maryland State Retirement Agency should read the information contained on the forms below carefully since it may impact your service credit account and, in some instances, your vesting status. In the event you determine to withdraw your accumulated contributions, please print, complete and sign the below forms, have the “Application for Withdrawal of Accumulated Contributions” form notarized, and return the complete packet to the Department of Human Resources to the attention of “Retirement Coordinator”. The retirement coordinator will then complete the information on the application and forward the complete packet to the Maryland State Retirement Agency.

Retirement Contribution Withdrawal Forms