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A concern for many people - even if they have major medical insurance - is the increasing burden of uncovered and out-of-pocket expenses. That's where AFLAC comes in. In a matter of days, they can provide the money you need to help with deductibles, treatment-related travel, daily living obligations, loss of earning power - any of life's necessities. You have the option of getting the benefit checks directly without getting anyone's permission.

We are pleased to offer a Section 125 insurance premium conversion program to all of our employees. The Section 125 plan refers to the section of the federal tax code that allows employees to pay their portion of health and life insurance benefits on a pre-tax basis. Allowing employees to take their insurance premiums as a deduction before taxes are calculated reduces federal, state, and social security taxes, thereby increasing take-home pay. AFLAC is an insurance company designated as the third party administrator for our Section 125 plan.

In order to participate in this plan we are required by the IRS to have a signed "Salary Redirection Agreement" on file from all eligible employees, whether or not they have chosen to participate in any health deductions through payroll. New employees are required to meet with the AFLAC representatives within the first 30 days of employment to either sign up for the benefit or waive participation.

Annually, AFLAC representatives are scheduled in each St. Mary's County Public School location for a one or two-day period in late September and October in order to provide further opportunities for an individual meeting.

ALFAC also offers supplemental insurance policies on a pre-tax basis, which employees may select at this time. There are several insurance plans available through payroll deduction: Cancer, Intensive Care, Hospital Indemnity, Accident/Disability and Short-Term Disability. Employees are not obligated to purchase any of the additional coverages offered by AFLAC. Employees are, however, entitled to pre-tax benefits under the Section 125 plan as it applies to them, and required to have the salary redirection agreement on file with us.

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