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Policy Council

To attend the Policy Council Zoom meeting, please call 301-690-2441 x34191 to be added to the Zoom invite list.

Policy Council 20-21 Executive Board

Position Name
Facilitator Andrea Owens
Chairperson Julia Maddox 
Secretary Jill Hutchinson 
Treasurer Beth Ross


Position Name
 Facilitator & Head Start Coordinator Andrea Owens
Director of Supplemental Programs Dr. Kelly M. Hall
Director of Special Education Mr. Scott Sczerbiak
Director of Student Services Ms. Cheryl Long
Supervisor of Birth to Five Program Ms. Cindy Kilcoyne
Supervisor of Student Services Ms. Kate Eggert
Title I Student, Family and Staff Engagement Supervisor Ms. Charlottis Woodley
Policy Council Chairperson Ms. Julia Maddox

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Head Start Policy Council Minutes


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Policy Council

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Parent Involvement

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  • Stress Management

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