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Health Services Advisory Council


The St. Mary's County Public Schools Head Start Health Advisory Committee (HSAC) is to provide a forum to ensure comprehensive, integrated, and effective health services, as well as Health education for Head Start students, their families, and staff.


  1.  To make recommendations on ways to implement Health Services Program Performance Standards.
  2.  To participate in the St. Mary's County Assessment process to identify data on the health needs of potential children served.
  3.  To identify medical,dental, and mental health services available within the community to support Head   Start students and their families.
  4.  To establish ongoing community partnerships with community to improve access to health services.
  5.  To adopt SMCPS policies and procedures for medical emergencies.
  6.  To assist in providing health related training to students, their families and staff.
  7.  To participate in the annual self-assessment of the Head Start Program.