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Assistance and Contacts

Name Areas of Responsibility Extension
Kelly Murray Hall
Chief of Equity, Engagement, and Early Access 32136
Martina Green 
Administrative Assistant  32136
Sara Renn
Grants Specialist  32193
Charlottis Woodley
Director of Parent and Family Engagement  32243
Kristin Shields Title I Coordinator 32131
Wauchilue Adams
Title I Equity Analyst     301-863-4085, x20126
Patricia Trehern
Early Childhood IRT and Coach 32161
Sandra Kerner Title I Teacher: Non-Public and Program Support  32196
Evelyn Sweeney Educational Equity Assurance Coordinator 32242
Wendy Binkley Judy Center Coordinator 301-863-4068 
Kerrie Walzer
Judy Center Family Support Specialist 301-863-4076 x44190
Freneta Carson
Judy Center Program Assistant 301-863-4068 
Anne Kirchner
Judy Center Early Childhood Liaison 301-863-4076 x44191
Aleya Armstead

Judy Center Family Service Specialist

301-863-4085, x20111
Jennifer Hollingsworth Judy Center Early Childhood Liaison 301-863-4085, x20111
Jacqueline Acevedo-Pedragon Judy Center Family Service Specialist  
Iris Mumphrey Judy Center Family Service Specialist  

Contact Information

Kelly Murray Hall, Ed.D.
Chief of Equity, Engagement, 
and Early Access
23160 Moakley Street, 
Leonardtown, MD 20650
301-475-5511 ext. 32136