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Capital Improvements Program


In accordance with the St. Mary's County Government Procedures and the St. Mary's County Public Schools Policies and Regulations, the school system must prepare a six-year Local Capital Improvements Program. This plan encompasses the State requested projects previously submitted by the school system.

Definition of Projects

The CIP includes projects for any major nonrecurring expenditure for physical facilities for the following types of expenditures.

  • new structures or permanent additions to existing structures
  • renovation or replacement of existing facilities
  • major pieces of equipment for existing facilities, which are expensive and have a useful life of at least ten (10) years
  • purchase of certain equipment for any CIP project when first erected or acquired
  • cost of engineering and architectural studies and services relative to a CIP project
  • acquisition and preparation of land for a facility
  • installation of significant additional environmental or security systems

The Local Capital Improvements Program should be approved by the Board of Education and submitted to the County Commissioners prior to November 1st of each year.

FY 2024 Approved Local Capital Improvement Program

Listing of the FY 2024 Capital Improvements Program - Local Funding


In accordance with the Rules, Regulations, and Procedures for the administration of the School Construction Program, by October 15th of each year, the Capital Improvements Program approved by the Board of Education, is to be submitted to the Interagency Committee on School Construction if State funds are expected to be requested within the next six years.

Approval Required

  • Written local government (resolution) approval of the CIP is required and should be included  with the CIP submission when submitted to the state

The normal sequence of requests is as follows:

  • Request for Approval for Planning. Receipt of Board of Public Works planning approval is a prerequisite to State construction funding. Planning approval is required for new schools, renovations, and/or additions.
  • Request for Approval of Funding shall be used for new schools, additions, renovations, systemic renovations and relocatable classrooms.

The approved state capital improvements program represents 100% of the funding requested for FY 2022.

FY 2024 Approved State Capital Improvements Program

Listing of the FY 2024 Capital Improvements Program - State Funding