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Student Device & Resource Accountability 

Student Device & Resource Accountability

All SMCPS students are responsible for the care of their assigned devices, chargers, and school resources. This document will outline the protocols for care and liability of all SMCPS resources. 

Technology Newsletter

Table of Contents

1. Device Loss and Device Damage

2. Frequently Asked Questions

3. Pricing for Technology Repair and Replacement

4. Student Beginning of Year Procedures

5. Student End of Year Procedures

6. Resources (textbooks, consumables, library books, print resources)

7. Acceptable Use Policy 

Accountability of Student Resources (NEWSLETTER LINK)

Contact Information

Jill Mills
Assessment and
Accountability Officer
23160 Moakley Street, 
Leonardtown, MD 20650
301-475-5511 ext. 32106


Device LOSS

Example scenarios below:

  • The student withdrew and never returned their SMCPS device (laptop or iPad).
  • The device was stolen from the student. (police report required)
  • Student cannot find their device.

Steps were taken at the student’s school:

  1. If a student is currently enrolled in SMCPS and loses the device in grades 6-12 the student or teacher will let the Technician and the Media Specialist at the school know. If the student is in elementary school, a staff member can help report this.
  2. The Media Specialist will assess a fine in Destiny.  Destiny is where we check out devices, library books, and textbooks for students. Parents/Guardians will be notified about the cost when they are sent their monthly overdue and fine notices. To see what is checked out in Destiny, here are the student directions. Learn more about these costs in this video.Pricing can be found here.
  3. A 2nd device will be checked out to the student while payment arrangements are being made. 
  4. If a device is stolen, the parent/guardian must provide a police report documenting the stolen property before another device is issued.


Example scenarios below:

  • The student intentionally damaged the device and it requires a repair or a TOTAL replacement.
  • Accidental damage requiring replacement or repair if not covered under the warranty.
  • Please note: pictures will be taken of all damages to SMCPS-issued laptops.

Steps were taken at the student’s school:

  1. A student can submit their own HELPDESK ticket. A parent/guardian can also help their student submit the ticket but the student needs to be logged into their Google account.
  2. That ticket gets routed to the school site’s assigned computer technician. From there the device will be inspected and repaired on-site if possible. If the repair cannot be made, the device will get sent out for repair.
  3. If a cost is incurred, the student will be assessed the repair or replacement cost.

SMCPS Student Device FAQ


Care, Liability, and Repair of SMCPS Issued Equipment


Replacement Parts - Laptops

Item Cost
Keyboard $60
Screen $80
Replacement Charger Cost $40
Battery damaged or lost $85
Internal Damage (includes spills) replacement motherboard $380
Full Replacement Cost $380
$818 (Virtual Academy laptops)
Headset: $162
Stylus: $12.89
Other internal parts damage (example: headphone jack) Varies dependent on the repair

Replacement Parts - ipads

Item Cost
Otterbox $40
Screen $90
Replacement Charger Cost $25
Full Replacement Cost $380

Beginning of Year Procedures

As we start a new school year students will be going into the media center for a “Tech/Resource Check” day. 

Each year their device is renewed to them for the current school year. They will go back in at the end of the year to have another “Tech Check” day so the media specialist can make sure the device is working properly and to renew it for the summer.

Students should have their devices with them to start the school year.

  • Make sure it is clearly labeled with their name.
  • Label the charger as well.

The media specialist will ensure that the device is checked out properly. Any damage or repairs need to be entered into the helpdesk by the student or parent/guardian. 

Students will also be issued any print resources they need for the school year.

All of these resources are checked out to students on their Destiny Account. 


End of Year RETURN Procedures

Students are checked out curricular resources for most of their content area classes. Those resources include: textbooks with barcodes, consumables, novels, and barcoded workbooks. Students have also been issued technology: laptops and/or iPads and chargers. All of these resources are checked out to students on their Destiny Account. 

In late Spring your school will send out procedures on how to return items that need to come back to school. If you have any questions, reach out to your school’s media specialist.



 Technology that has been checked out to students is not being returned unless:

  1. The student is leaving the school system.
  2. The student is in Pre-K. They turn in their iPads at the end of the year.
  3. The student is a graduating SENIOR.

If a student does not fall into one of the above categories, then the laptop or iPad they are assigned will remain with them over the summer. 

Current Grade Level Collect or Keep in June 2022
Pre K

ALL PRE-K students RETURN IPADS and chargers in June.

12th RETURN ALL Technology and Print resources by June 1st.
K-11th KEEP Device and charger OVER SUMMER. You will renew it at your media center in August.
  1. Students are held liable and accountable for checked-out resources, (textbooks, consumables, and technology). If anything is lost, stolen, or broken, fines are assessed to the student account and a debt letter will be emailed and/or mailed.(see page 50, 51, & 61 of SMCPS Student Handbook).
  2. RESOURCE Costs: Each textbook, novel and consumable has a different price. On average a consumable is 20.00-30.00 and textbooks can cost up to 200.00 depending on the subject area. 
  3. TECHNOLOGY costs


Print Resources

Media Center Books:

If your child has a book checked out from the media center, this will also show on their Destiny account. Destiny is the software we use for book check out.

Media Center book check out follows the students throughout their time in SMCPS. If they lose a book or forget to return a book, it comes up in their Destiny account until the book is returned or until the fine is remedied. All schools send out emails to students and parents/guardians periodically to let them know what is checked out and/or overdue.

Classroom Instruction:

Every child in SMCPS uses some type of resource or textbook in their classes. These come in the form of textbooks and consumables.

A consumable is a resource that students write in. These are workbooks. 

Depending on your child’s teacher their consumables may stay in the classroom, be kept with the student and transported to and from class, or be kept at home. A consumable is treated the same as any other resource and is checked out to the student. However, this will not get returned at the end of the year. This stays with the student. If he or she loses it, there is a replacement cost based on the cost of the book.

A textbook will have an SMCPS barcode. This is typically found on the top cover and is about 15 digits in length. This is checked out and is the responsibility of the student as well. 

How do I know what is on my child’s account?

They can check Destiny, which is our library resource management system. If they log in they will be able to see what they have checked out in their name, just as you would from the public library.

To login to Destiny, you would first go to the Destiny website for the school your child attends.

Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)

The Acceptable Use Policy is listed in the 2021-2022 Student Handbook.


Students will:

  • Learn the SMCPS procedures for ethical, responsible, courteous, and legal use of computer systems.
  • Let a staff member know if inappropriate material is found online.
  • Access only those network resources which align with an instructional activity.
  • Agree never to meet with anyone with whom they have met while using the Internet without asking for permission from parents.
  • Take precautions to protect school computer systems from damage and/or theft.
  • Be responsible for transporting their SMCPS-issued device and charger to and from school each day.
  • Be held liable for any damages that occur as a result of misuse of their SMCPS Issued devices, vandalism, or loss of SMCPS issued devices.

Students shall not:

  • Reveal personally identifiable information except in specific circumstances where prior written consent has been given.
  • Intentionally seek information (i.e. passwords, files, settings) about other users, or misrepresent other users on the network.
  • Destroy, modify, or abuse hardware and software in any way.
  • Use the network to develop programs that harass other users, or to infiltrate a computer or computer system is prohibited. Hate mail, harassment, discriminatory remarks, and other antisocial behaviors are prohibited.
  • Install illegal copies of copyrighted software on school computers.
  • Use the network to access obscene or pornographic material is prohibited.
  • Create, access, download, store, or print files, messages, or images that are abusive, harassing, libelous, obscene, offensive, profane, pornographic, depict gang affiliation, threatening, sexually explicit, or illegal material or that violate the SMCPS Code of Student Conduct and/or any SMCPS policy.
  • Access online games without prior permission of a staff member.
  • Circumvent and/or disable content filtering or other computer system protection measures.

Student Device Accountability

Students will: