Assistance & Contacts

Quick assistance resources: - for general inquiries about invoices and vendor statements for SMCPS. - for general inquiries about Absence Management, Substitutes and Substitute Training - for correspondence regarding the employment history verification forms required under Md. Code, Educ. §6-113.2. - for general inquiries about SMCPS facility usage and billing. - for general inquiries about applications for employment, employee access center (EAC) password reset, name/address changes, general HR inquiries, and position status updates. - for general inquiries about certification, credit count, and course approval. - for general inquiries about tuition reimbursement, sending eTranscripts, and transcript questions. - for general inquiries about health insurance, student accident insurance, workers compensation, general liability, property insurance, flexible spending account, 403(b), life insurance, and employee assistance program (EAP). - for general inquiries about direct deposit, paycheck deductions, paychecks, docked pay, leave balances, W2's, federal and state tax withholdings, overtime, comp-time, supplemental pay, and stipends. - for general inquiries about requisitions, purchase orders, bids, quotes, and request for proposals (RFP).

Contact Information: 

Phone: 301-475-5511 (extensions below)  Fax: 301-475-4201

Name and PositionExtensionDescription of Duties

Dr. Dale Farrell, 

Director Of Human Resources

32247 Director of Human Resources

Jane Shafer, 

Administrative Assistant

32247 Administrative Assistant to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Fiscal Services and the Director of Human Resources: General Inquiries, SafeSchools

Penny Parcell, 

HR Assistant II

32187 Employment Procedures, Applications, Requisitions, Position Descriptions, EAC Assistance

Angelia Rollins,
HR Assistant I


Absence Management, Substitutes, Substitute Training and Recording of Evaluations

Bonnie Kessler, 

HR Assistant I

32194          Employment Verification, Position Control, Terminations, Payroll inquiries

Holly Wilkinson
HR Assistant I


Extra Pay for Extra Duty,  Electronic Forms Processing, Tuition Reimbursement, Name Changes

Dr. Elizabeth Beasley,
Supervisor of Human Resources

32192 Staffing, College/University Partnerships, Internships, Substitutes
Dr. Wauchilue Adams,
Human Resources and Workforce Diversity Coordinator  
32110 Temporary/Hourly/Contracted, Transportation, Capital Planning, Design & Construction, Information Technology Staffing and Hiring, Recruitment, Transfers, National Boards

Brian Rose,
Human Resources and Workforce Diversity Coordinator  


Secondary Schools, Operations and Maintenance Staffing and Hiring, Recruitment, Transfers, National Boards

Rachel Sparks,
Human Resources and Workforce Diversity Coordinator


Elementary Schools, Food Services and Central Office Staffing and Hiring, Recruitment, Transfers, National Boards

Leslie Fancella,
Coordinator of Benefits

32169 Health Insurance, 403(b), Sick Leave Bank, FMLA, Retirement, Leaves of Absence, Eclipse Administrator

Heather Huff,
Insurance Specialist


Insurance, Worker’s Compensation