All Customers

Where are invitations to bid and requests for proposals advertised?

Requests of this nature are listed on the purchasing website under Bid Board. If vendors register with eMaryland Marketplace and select the commodity codes for services/products they provide, they will automatically be notified of bids that match their commodity codes.

When is the Bid Results page updated with the awarded vendor?

The Bid Results page will list the awarded vendor on projects after a contract has been approved and awarded.

What are the thresholds for requiring purchase orders, three price quotes, and sole source forms?

  • $0 - $999 – Formal quotes, bids, or purchase orders are not required.
  • $1,000 - $2,499 – A requisition and purchase order(s) must be processed with approval(s). User agency is to find best source and price.
  • $2,500 - $24,999 – A requisition and purchase order(s) must be processed with proper approval(s). User agency must complete a three price summary form or sole source form.
  • $25,000 and above – Written, sealed bids are required from two (2) or more vendors. If SMCPS receives only one bid the Purchasing Office will evaluate the bid and determine if the submission is acceptable and can be forwarded to the Board of Education of St. Mary’s County for approval.

Internal Customers

How do I enter a requisition?

Please view the training documents here

How do I change a line item on a requisition?

Please click on information here.

How do I delete a requisition?

Please follow the steps required here.

Do you have any additional information/tips on requisitions?

Please see additional notes here.