Assistance & Contacts

NameExtension Areas of Responsibility

Tammy McCourt

32247 Assist. Superintendent of Fiscal Services & Human Resources

Jane Shafer
Admin. Assistant II


Administrative Support to Assistant Superintendent of Fiscal Services & Human Resources, SafeSchools, Credit Card Reconciliations

Karen Breslauer
Budget Analyst

32172 Budget Preparation, Budget Transfers, Master Plan Update, School Allotments, Monthly Financial Statements

Rhonda Meleen
Coordinator of Fiscal Services


Management of Payroll, Position Control, Food Services Accounting/Technology, Credit Cards

Subha Manivannan
Payroll Specialist


Payroll, Deductions, Direct Deposit, Withholding Tax Processing

Katherine Schultz
Payroll Specialist

32180 Payroll, Deductions, Direct Deposit, Withholding Tax Processing

Rob Springer
Supervisor of Accounting and Auditing


Accounting for General Ledger and Charter School, Banking, Accounts Receivable, Auditing, Financial Statements, Annual Financial Report, Long-Term Debt, Trust Agency, STEM Foundation

Christine Jewett


Grants Accounting for Departments of Equity, Engagement, and Early Access, Department of Student Services, and the Department of Safety and Security. Master Plan and Annual Budget restricted accounting, School Activity Funds, and School Reviews

Leyla Mele

32186   Grants Accounting for the Department of Special Education, Department ogf Assessments and Accountability, and Department of Strategic Planning & Communications, School Reviews

Jennifer Shaffer


Grants Accounting for the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Fixed Assets, Inventory, Local and State School Construction, Central Office Bank Reconciliations, School Activity Funds, School Reviews  

Leslie Montgomery
Accounts Payable Specialist

32166 Accounts Payable

Ann Goodell
Accounts Payable Specialist

32165  Accounts Payable
Crystal FrederickMitcheltree
Fiscal/Records Specialist
32191 New Vendor Requests, ABACUS, DocStar Scanning, Deposits, Invoicing, Order Processing for Fiscal Services and Human Resources 

Penny Wieser
Fiscal/Records Specialist

32220 Fiscal Support to Dept. of Special Education: Non-Public, Grant and Local Funds Management, Contracted Therapists
Brynn Cosner
Procurement Coordinator
32171 Procurement Solicitations, Contract Administration, Change Order Requests, Disposal of Surplus Property

Janice Phippen
Purchasing Specialist II


Requisitions and Purchase Orders:
Training, Troubleshooting, Distribution

Sherri Gray
Purchasing Specialist

32107 Procurement support to Curriculum and Instruction: Requisitions, Price Quotes, PO Tracking, Invoices, Textbook Disposals

Donna Walmsley
Secretary to the Principal

32207 School Activity Funds, Mentor/Training to STTP, Facility Usage, Temporary/Floating Support, POC for STTP, School Reviews and Inventory Assist