Assistance & Contacts

NameExtension Areas of Responsibility

Jeff Thompson

Director of Transportation

34117 Director 

Joe Longobardi

Coordinator of Transportation

34117 Coordinator of all School Bus Routes and School Bus Stops

 Diane Morgan
Transportation Specialist 

34117 Field Trip Scheduling, Bus Inspections, and Drug Testing

 Amy Downs
Transportation Specialist 

34117  Special Needs Bus Routes, Headstart and Homeless Transportation 

 Tracey Byrne
Transportation Specialist II

34117 Contractor Pay, Field Trip Invoices, PK Bus Routes, After school Routes, Web Site
Kelly Cooke
Driver Trainer
34117 Driver Trainer
Terry Hoff
Driver Trainer
34117 Driver Trainer
Trudy Wible
Fiscal Secretary
34117 Fiscal Secretary for all Board of Education Employees
Alaina Cucinotta
34117 Bus Driver or Bus Stop Complaints or Concerns