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In June 2021, the Board of Education of St. Mary’s County approved the July 2021 Educational Facilities Master Plan.  This document details the educational facilities programs and Capital Improvement Program for St. Mary’s County Public Schools.  The Educational Facilities Master Plan must be submitted by July 1st of each year in accordance with the Interagency Commission on School Construction procedures and the Board of Education of St Mary’s County policies and regulations.  The school system and county data and information contained in this document are utilized for facilities planning decisions.

Section 1: Executive Summary

  1. Historical Perspective
  2. Current Findings
  3. Proposed Plan

Section 2: Introduction

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Board of Education Goals and Priorities
  3. EFMP Goals
  4. Purpose of the EFMP
  5. Review Process
  6. Community Input
  7. Data Collection
  8. Recommendations

Section 3: Goals, Standards, Policies, and Guidelines

  1. Educational Program Vision:  “Our Commitment to Students”
  2. Strategic Planning Goals
  3. Commitments
  4. Organizational Plan
  5. Staffing Ratios
  6. Transportation Policies
  7. Districting and Redistricting Policies
  8. Site Selection Criteria
  9. Schools as Community Facilities
  10. Special Education
  11. Alternative Education
  12. Career and Technology Education
  13. School Closing Procedures

Section 4: Community Analysis

  1. Land Use and Development
  2. Residential Development
  3. Adequate Public Facilities
  4. Water and Sewer Plans
  5. Transportation Plans
  6. Employment and Business Patterns
  7. School Boundary Maps

Section 5: Inventory and Evaluation

  1. Current School Facilities
  2. Educational Support Facilities
  3. Facilities Inventory, IAC/PSCP Form 101.1
  4. Individual School Data Sheets
  5. Office Data Sheets
  6. Relocatable Inventory
  7. Facility Modifications Summary
  8. School Feeder System
  9. Legislative Districts

Section 6: Enrollment Data 

  1. Basis for Student Enrollment Projections
  2. Methodology Used in Making Enrollment Projections
  3. Current Projections
  4. 2020-2021 Official Enrollment
  5. 2021-2022 Enrollment Projections
  6. 2022-2031 FTE Enrollment Projections
  7. 2022-2031 Total Enrollment Projections
  8. FTE Enrollment Projections by Grade, IAC/PSCP Form 101.2
  9. Individual School Enrollment Projections

Section 7: Facility Needs Analysis

  1. Introduction
  2. Facility Guidelines
  3. Capacity
  4. Funding the CIP
  5. Infrastructure Categories
  6. CIP Summary
  7. State Eligible Project Descriptions
  8. Facility Needs Summary, IAC/PSCP Form 101.3

Section 8:  Exhibits

  1. Compliance Letter from Local Planning Department
  2. Compliance Letter from Maryland Department of Planning on Enrollment Projections

 Section 9:  Appendices

  1. Appendix A – Community Use of School Facilities
  2. Appendix B – Charts and Graphs
  3. Appendix C – GIS Analysis
  4. Appendix D – Construction Planning Documents