Information for Rising Freshmen 2020-2021


For our students entering high school in Fall 2020, the following resources may be useful for you. These include brochures about the high school program of studies and course planning, as well as information about our various academy programs. 

High School Course planning

Academy Programs:

Brochures for each of our programs offer information that includes application information, program elements, and the potential course sequence for students.

For more information about each of the Academies, visit Academies and Pathways.


These videos are designed to provide rising freshmen an overview of what to expect in high school. This includes an overview of the high school program of studies and course requirements, as well as specific information for students and what they should expect when starting high school.

Program of Studies and Coursework Overview Video:

Students' Top 10 Tips for Rising 9th Graders Video:

 Overview of Programs for Students Video:

More Videos

For videos about our Academies and pathways, be sure to visit our Pathways Playlist on our YouTube channel.

Program of Studies

"Program of Studies A Guide for St Mary's County Public Schools High School Students"

Please take the time to review our Program of Studies.

2020-2021 Program of Studies, document format

The High School Program of Studies is designed to assist our graduates to meet these expectations. Courses are designed to challenge all students, fulfill the high school graduation requirements, prepare students for the High School Assessments, and ensure students are prepared for post-secondary programs.

Students and their parent(s)/guardian(s) are encouraged to review this Program of Studies and the school registration material carefully with teachers, school counselors, and administrators. It is very important that students select the most challenging and rigorous program to meet their post-secondary and career goals.

Additional courses are also available exclusively through our eLearning program

Dual enrollment programs

Program of Studies Documents: