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Technology Assistance

SMCPS is here to support your online learning process. 

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Logging into my computer

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Schoology Tech Help

Tech Support

I need help with my computer.

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Acquiring a computer.

What are the technology requirements for student computers?

Where do I get a computer for online schooling? Please contact your school.

Technology Information & Guidelines

For our Fall 2020-2021 school year the first quarter will occur online. To facilitate this, each student should have access to a device that allows them to work online and a stable internet connection. Learn more about our Information Technology department.

Technical Support Issues

Technical issues typically include hardware and device support such as:

  • Turning on the machine, initial login, password issues including account lockouts, and hardware malfunction
  • Technical issues typically do NOT include software or application support
  • Help desk tickets for technical or application support will be routed to the appropriate individual for a response.

Technology support: Phone number 301-710-5935 Option 1 (until 4:00 PM) or email

Technical support hours are Monday through Friday 7 AM to 4 PM

 Users can also work through their teacher, media specialist, or administrator for general troubleshooting assistance.

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