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English Language Arts

The Accelerated English/Language Arts (ELA) classes in grades 6-8 address the needs of students who require instructional experiences beyond the regular curriculum. Students are provided appropriate levels of challenge through accelerated pacing and advanced content. SMCPS ELA middle school classes are 90-minute courses divided into two 45 minute blocks, one focusing on the ELA curriculum and the other on literacy skills.  The content in the accelerated ELA courses is differentiated to provide students with higher-level, more complex texts. Instruction is supported by strategies and tools students need to engage students in active, fast-paced learning to develop the skills, habits of mind, and concepts necessary to succeed in advanced English courses.


Students who demonstrate high levels of achievement in mathematics take accelerated courses in middle school. Under the Common Core Curricula for Mathematics, students may be placed in 6th Grade Accelerated Math, 7th Grade Accelerated Math and 8th Grade Algebra I. High school credit is earned for completion of Algebra I. The content in the accelerated Mathematics courses is designed to provide students with higher-level problem-solving skills and to engage them in fast-paced learning to meet their academic needs. Students will examine ratios, proportions, geometry concepts, and statistics and probability to best prepare them for Algebra 1 and advanced mathematics courses as they advance to high school.