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St. Mary’s County Public School begins screening students for gifted identification in third grade. Multiple measures of aptitude, potential, and achievement are used for identification. Students can be identified as gifted in the areas of reading and/or mathematics.  At the middle school level, the following process is used for identifying new students or reconsidering returning students for gifted identification.


Student data is collected and used to make recommendations for course placement in English/Language Arts and Mathematics.


Students may be screened for gifted identification at the request of a parent/guardian, teacher, or student. Requests for screening should be made to the school principal. Only one screening request may be made each school year.

During the screening process the following data is collected:

English Language Arts Identification Data

  • InView Assessment: Verbal Reasoning-Words and Verbal Reasoning-Context
  • Gates MacGinitie Reading Assessment
  • MCAP Reading Assessment
  • MCAP Writing Assessment

Mathematics Identification Data

  • InView Assessment: Sequences, Analogies, and Quantitative Reasoning
  • MCAP Mathematics Assessment


Data Review

  • A data review meeting can be requested. Information collected during the screening process will be explained at a team meeting. Contact the school principal if you would like to schedule a meeting.

Appeal Meeting

  • An appeal can be requested to consider new information such as additional reading and/or mathematics assessments, outside assessments, or mitigating factors. Contact the school principal if you would like to appeal your child's screening results. Only one appeal may be requested each school year.