What Your Child Will Learn in First Grade:

CCSS StrandsStandards

Reading:               Literature/Informational Text

  • Identify key ideas and details by asking and answering questions about details in a text, retelling, and describing characters, ideas, and events.
  • Recognize craft and structure by looking at the meaning of words, phrases, and illustrations, identifying who is telling a story, and how to use text features.
  • Integrate knowledge and ideas by comparing characters in stories, and using illustrations and details to describe key ideas.
  • Read a range of texts of various levels of text complexity for grade 1.
Foundational Skills
  • Understand print concepts.
  • Show phonological awareness.
  • Use phonics in word recognition.
  • Read with fluency on grade level text.
  • Write a variety of text types and for a variety of purposes with guidance and support.
  • Produce and distribute writing.
  • Research to build and present knowledge (integrating technology).
Speaking and Listening
  • Comprehend and collaborate.
  • Present knowledge and ideas.
  • Use the conventions of Standard English.
  • Acquire and use vocabulary.

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