Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Academy of Visual and Performing Arts?

The AVPA is a special program for highly able students with an enriched focus in the area of Fine Arts. Students selected into the AVPA may choose to focus on Visual Arts or Performing Arts. 

Where will the AVPA programs be housed?

Chopticon High School 

What grade levels will be included in the AVPA?

AVPA includes classes in grades 9-12.

Who attends the AVPA?

Any student can apply, but there are criteria to select students who are most likely to succeed in this specialized program. Each grade level cohort has a maximum capacity of 48 students.

What is the structure of the academic day? How does this program differ from the program of studies available at our homeschool?

The daily schedule is not vastly different from the existing schedule and structure at your assigned high school. The significant difference is the daily, rigorous content and the stringent emphasis on the arts. Each day, students engage in coursework designed to refine their skill set in the arts. AVPA students complete content area coursework required for graduation as well. 

Will transportation be provided?

Yes, bus transportation will be provided. Students will be transported from hub stops to and from Chopticon High School each day. Detailed transportation information will not be fully available until students are selected and enrolled into the AVPA program. After finalizing the acceptance lists, we will provide you with a transportation plan. Parents may also choose to transport their children to and from the AVPA  if that is more convenient.

What technology will my child have access to on a regular basis?

The AVPA sites will be equipped with state of the art technology including SMART technology, laptop computers, desktops, iPads, and various software. All technology, in addition to materials of instruction, will be available for you to preview at the Open House and Information Nights.

What is our family commitment to the AVPA?

As long as your child is making satisfactory progress in the AVPA, your family commitment is for one school year at a time.

When will the selection of students for AVPA be made?

Applications will be open online in early March. There is an audition component to the application as well. Students and their families will be notified by early May. At that point, there will be more information and specific orientation nights, transportation information, opportunities to meet the teacher(s), etc. available to accepted students. For students not admitted to the program, they will remain on the waitlist.

What about school-based extracurricular activities such as sports, dances, intramurals, clubs, and civic/service groups?

AVPA students may participate in any extracurricular event taking place at Chopticon High School. 

Are special education students eligible to apply to the AVPA program?

Yes, all students are eligible to apply to the AVPA.

Who should I contact if I have additional questions about the AVPA  programs?

Please contact Ms. Colleen Gill at if you have additional questions.