Student learning is measured in a fair, meaningful, and timely way.

Unpacking the Commitment

Student learning is measured in the level of mastery of content standards. Assessment is part of the instructional process and learning is measured through ongoing, formative reviews of student learning.

c 1.5

Vision for 1.5

Provide explicit feedback to parents and students on progress toward the mastery of standards 
  • Portal for providing teacher review, feedback, and grading related to learning standards to students and parents/guardians (HAC/TAC)

  • Provide detailed feedback to students/families about progress toward mastery of specific instructional standards

Implement state assessments aligned to the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards
  • Implement state assessment to measure what students know and can do when entering kindergarten

  • Implement a comprehensive state directed assessment program to measure student progress and growth

Implement national, standardized assessments as appropriate
  • Administer assessment used for determining college readiness and placement for the College of Southern Maryland and other colleges

  • Administer national assessments of student knowledge and proficiency for aligned AP courses

Implement a comprehensive local assessment program
  • Administer locally developed assessments using both online and traditional media for measuring student mastery of standards aligned to content

  • Embed performance based assessments that provide for the application of multiple standards in authentic formative instruction

Performance Measures
State and national assessments, such as:
  • SAT, ACT, AP assessments

  • PARCC/MCAP Assessments

  • High School Assessments


Local assessments, including:
  • Pre-, mid-, and post-assessments (as applicable)

  • Formative assessments

  • Performance assessments