Student learning is aligned to nationally recognized standards.

Unpacking the Commitment

Instruction is aligned with the Maryland College and Career Ready Standards and students are engaged in a meaningful and rigorous course of study designed to guide them in: demonstrating independence and perseverance; Constructing arguments, to comprehend, critique, and support with evidence; and using resources, strategies, and tools to demonstrate strong content knowledge.

c 1.4

Vision for 1.4

Implement the highest quality instructional program aligned to state and national standards
  • Implement aligned curricula to the state and national standards (MCCRS, C3, and NGSS) supported by new materials;

  • Implement walkthroughs and formative assessments.

  • Develop tools and resources to guide instruction and measure student mastery of instructional standards

  • Provide ongoing and differentiated professional development for staff to support instruction aligned to standards

  • Implement an instructional approach to support reading, inclusive of targeted support based on ongoing assessment at Title I schools

  • Alignment of local curricula and assessments to standards

Provide consistent and timely communication about student progress
  • Implementation of standards-based report cards

  • Continue the use of the Home Access Center as an interactive and transparent system for reporting grades and student progress

Provide professional development aligned to standards
  • Promote professional conversations about progress toward standards

  • Teacher observation and feedback aligned to standards

  • Implement ongoing professional development as a component part of the school year calendar

Performance Measures

  • Increased student mastery of standards reflected in local, state, and national assessments

  • High levels of achievement on state/national assessments

  • Elimination of achievement gaps