Students are safe and supported in their academic, social, and emotional growth. 

Unpacking the Commitment

Schools support the academic, social and emotional safety and well-being of all students. Therefore, learning environments are safe and nurturing. Staff create an environment of respect and rapport to encourage and cultivate respectful interactions in the classroom. In a respectful environment, all students feel valued and safe. Building and maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment is a system-wide commitment.

c 1.3

Vision for 1.3:

Implement system-wide initiatives to engage students and elicit their input in what support and resources they need.
  • Implement the Superintendent's Student Leadership Advisory Council, involving students across the system

  • Host monthly meeting with students at each school with their principal to review school data and student concerns / to include attendance, discipline, and climate

  • Support the Student Member of the Board in being the voice of students

Provide a multi-tiered approach to support students in promoting positive behaviors and actions
  • Provide for an ongoing review with stakeholders examining best practices for managing and responding to student behavior.

  • Collaborate with provide mentoring involving school and community partners to support students

  • Teaching social skills explicitly and actively teaching desired behaviors

  • Promoting and supporting students through intervention, rehabilitation and proactive, restorative practices

Provide ongoing support for students through school counseling and support services:
  • Focus on relationships

  • Feedback to students for growth

  • Stability of resources and support for students

  • Support for students in attaining their academic goals

  • Increased access to mental health services for students and families

  • Provide support for programs that promote positive relationships and behavior, such as PBIS and restorative justice

Performance Measures

  • Average daily attendance

  • Student discipline data, including suspensions

  • Student involvement in advisory groups

  • Increased access to mental health services for students and families

  • Student support services, mentoring, peer assistance

  • Achievement of students in meeting academic goals (e.g., enrollment in college, etc)