Students have equitable access to rigorous and relevant learning.

Unpacking the Commitment

At the heart of our instructional program, students are challenged to excel. The learning standards for each content area drive the learning for students, and the instructional process is facilitated by highly effective teachers to make the learning relevant. As students progress through school, they are offered multiple options to pursue aligned with their own personal goals. We believe choice is an important element to ensure that learning is most relevant and meaningful for students.

c 1.1

Vision for 1.1:

Provide differentiated instructional programs for students to pursue aligned with their goals, aspirations, and potential.
  • Continue to implement Instructional Pathways for students, including:

    • Fairlead Academy

    • Academy of Finance

    • Academy of Global and International Studies

    • Academy of Visual and Performing Arts

    • STEM Academy

  • Expand opportunities for students aimed at future success, such as:

    • Middle School Intervention and Support Program

    • Alternative educational program review

Provide avenues and access for students in relevant learning, including rigorous, college and career-ready courses
  • Promote Dual Enrollment programs for students to access college coursework, including:

    • Dual Enrollment - CSM Campus

    • Dual/Concurrent Enrollment - SMCPS courses

    • Articulated coursework

  • Promote programs for students, including a variety of programs at the Dr. James A. Career and Technology Center, that prepares students to be college and career ready.

  • Provide differentiated coursework with online access to programs such as Apex and blended learning

  • Promote participation in AP coursework

  • Provide differentiated instructional programming for students

    • All students have access to a rigorous and relevant curriculum

    • Individualized education plans assist students in accessing curriculum to meet instructional goals.

  • Provide professional development to staff on meeting the needs of all learners, including:

    • Teaching with poverty in mind

    • Supporting gifted and talented learners

    • Instructional strategies for English language learners

    • Instructional strategies for students with special needs

    • Use of programs such as Pathways to provide access for all learners

Performance Measures

  • Enrollment in academy programs and completion rates

  • Enrollment in AP and attainment of AP scores of 3 or better

  • Dual enrollment in college courses and credits earned

  • JAFCTC program completion and industry certifications earned

  • UMD, CTE and Dual Program completion rates for graduating classes 

  • Utilization of intervention programs such as APEX

  • Graduation rates (disaggregated)