Leadership is grown from within the school system

Unpacking the Commitment

We believe there is great potential for leadership in our staff. Supporting aspiring leaders through professional development, mentoring, and coaching helps us identify and support future leaders.

c 2.6

Vision for 2.6:

Provide  opportunities for professional development to assist staff in meeting personal goals
  • Continue programs such as the University of Maryland Doctoral Program for School Leaders

  • Continue to provide professional development to IRTs in their roles as teacher leaders

  • Continue to support National Board Certification

Expand programs focused on leadership development, such as
  • Leadership Academy,

  • Teacher Leadership Programs,

  • Tomorrow’s Leaders,

  • Internships for Administrative, Counselors, and Teachers.

Support and promote collaborative professional learning teams and professional learning communities, with a focus on teacher leadership
  • Continue to support school-based teacher leadership teams, such as PLCs

Provide opportunities for support staff to guide and support their ongoing professional development
  • Foster partnerships with CSM or Associations for support staff PD

  • Provide ongoing professional development by Human Resources 

Performance Measures:

  • PLCs in schools

  • Partnership with associations to develop skills for professional growth