Staff actively drive their learning and advancement

Unpacking the Commitment

Purposeful goal setting is an essential element of professional development. As staff members work toward their personal goals, systems are in place to support them.  

c 2.4

Vision for 2.4:

Support all staff members through professional development opportunities aimed at advancing their skills and knowledge aligned to their role
  • Support teachers in their efforts to achieve National Board Certification through mentoring and financial enhancements

  • Support innovative and unique opportunities for professional growth

  • Setting learning goals in evaluation documents

  • Utilize the goal setting and SLO process as an ongoing, working document to evolve with the needs of students

Support staff members in their ongoing professional development geared toward advancing their skills and knowledge for potential advancements
  • Institutionalize support through the negotiated agreement for Para to Teacher Step Placement

  • Provide financial incentives and tuition reimbursement for support staff enrolled in a teacher education program

  • Continue Professional Development Plan documents for Certification Renewal

Performance Measures

  • Staff earning and maintaining certification

  • Staff rated as effective or highly effective