Staff are engaged in an open, trusting, and solution-oriented environment

Unpacking the Commitment

We are all on the same team. Our work together is bound together with a common purpose, and collaboration is essential as we strive to achieve our goals. To this end, honest communication and focused problem solving are hallmarks of our work.

c 2.3

Vision for 2.3:

Provide opportunities for ongoing communication and collaboration to address issues and solution-focused work 
  • Implement evaluation systems that include individual goal setting, such as the SLO process for professional staff

  • Provide orientation programs and ongoing induction and support for staff to foster support, including orientation programs for Support Staff, Certificated Staff, and Leadership

  • Facilitate mentoring partnerships for new employees and staff new to positions across the system

  • Continue open sessions for sharing concerns and issues to address challenges together with the associations

Performance Measures 

  • Implementation of evaluation systems including goal setting

  • Staff involvement in orientation and support programs

  • Mentors assigned and supported throughout the year

  • Implementation of collaborative sessions for problem solving